Business Incubation Consulting
스타트업 비자 프로그램 Incubation Consulting
  1.   Business Vetting

  2.   Designated Organization Matching

  3.   Feasibility Studies

  4.   Market & Industry Research

  5.   Innovation Research

  6.   MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Prototype Generation

  7.   Peer Review Support

  8.   Training for Interviews with Business Incubators and Business Pitching

  9.   Assist in completing the Business Incubators training courses
      a. Traction Model Review
      b. Sprint Plan & Report
      c. Experiment Plan & Report
      d. Preparation of the B2B/B2C Persona Report
      e. Drafting a Mission Statement and Core Values
      f. Preparation of the Product Vision and Roadmap
      g. Competitive Analysis
      h. Outlining the Petal Diagram
      i. Top-Down Market Analysis and Bottom-Up Market Analysis
      j. Annual Budget
      k. Financial Projection

  10.   Marketing
      a. Lead Generation and Campaign Setup
      b. Email Hygiene and Campaigns
      c. Search Engine Optimization
      d. Social Media Campaigns including Blogs
      e. Reputation Management
      f. Website

  11.   Mentorship and Coaching